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We are committed to provide educational information and recruitment to all the Tanzanian  students who wish to study abroad..

Our Services

Career Guidance

Our career guidance and counseling program develops an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

Scholarship/Loan Application

We will help and guide you on how to do scholarship/loan application

Overseas Universities Recruitment

Recruiting students who have meet the minimum requirement by the respective selected university. Ensuring the student meets the Tanzanian Minimum requirement and the host country minimum requirements.

Visa Processing

We will give you expert visa assistance including completion and submissions.

Writing Clinics

CV, Paper work, Research & proposals, Project Planing

Accommodation Booking

We will assist you to secure accommodation

Flight Booking

We will assist you to make flight arrangements

Airport Pickup

We will liaise with the university representatives to pick you from the airport and help you to settle at the accommodation and university.

Rozac Education

With Rozac, we connect you to the best International Universities with best scholarship offers from Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PHD levels to all academic fields/faculties/programs of your interest.

We're helping students from anywhere

In reaching our vision, Rozac in partnership with various educational institutions have offered scholarships so far to 100+ students from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Eswatini and South Africa to various universities in India, Turkey, Cyprus, Oman and Russia.

Jain University, India
BsSc. in Anesthesia Technology
Badria Mohamed, From Zanzibar

Parul University, India
BSc. in Radiography
Mustapha Ngaja, From Morogoro

PCTE University, India
BSc. in Optometry
Mikelani Chivende, From Zimbabwe

Chandigarh University
BSc. in Computer Applications
Sipheslhie Nonlhe, From Kingdom of Eswatini

Study in

Rozac Education will help you to pursue your studies in the following countires:

India 🇮🇳
Oman 🇴🇲
Cyprus 🇨🇾
Russia 🇷🇺
Turkey 🇹🇷

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