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Abdillahi Mzee from Zanzibar

100% Fully Funded Scholarship

Studying abroad is an irreplaceable experience. Rozac Education team have helped me get a fully funded scholarship to study in India. Thank you!

Abdillahi Mzee

Abdillahi Mzee

Bachelor of Commerce

"Every part of the trip was my favorite, and it’s one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences I have had, and I can’t wait to come back to my country, and using my profession (Optometrists) to help my fellow citizens in Zanzibar. Many thanks to ROZAC for making my dream come true"

Adil Said Hamad, from Zanzibar
Diploma in Optometry

"My eyes were open wide the whole time and I wish it lasted a lifetime longer than 10 days of service. If you have any doubts in whether to go abroad, just go to ROZAC and meet their experts, you will never regret it one bit. Congratulations for the best services for Abroad Universities recruitment."

Mustapha Ngaja Mussa, from Morogoro
B.Sc Radiography

What a fantastic move!

"Traveling to a different country broadened my perspective on my place in the world and at the same time made me more sympathetic to others’ perspective as well. ROZAC has helped me secure 100% Fully Funded Scholarship, and here i am pursuing my studies. May God Bless you"

Rukia Mohamed Abdallah from Dar es Salaam
B-Tech Computer Science Engineering JAIN UNIVERSITY INDIA


"Outstanding Support”

“ROZAC is an agency that I would definitely recommend to anyone hoping to pursue a career abroad. The support they provided for their clients was simply outstanding and the genuine interest and care towards us students was obvious and incomparable. I am glad to have chosen this pathway in pursuit of my medical career and it is one that I will never forget.”

Shamimu Omary Binde from Dar es Salaam
B.Sc Cardiology


"Rozac is just amazing”

“I’m happy that Rozac Education made my dream come true. They gave advice to choose the best course and I did and now am in Ukraine pursuing Stomatology. Rozac team is just amazing”

Humayra Assaa Ahmad
from Zanzibar
B.Sc Stomatology
Poltava State Medical University, Ukraine